Mynämäki (Finland)

Geographical position:
Mynämäki is located in Southwest Finland, 30 km from Turku, the capital of the region.

Varsinais-Suomi region, Finland

Size: 536 km²

Number of inhabitants: 7.800

Altitude: 20 m


Mynämäki Municipality
Keskuskatu 21
23100 Mynämäki
Tel +358 2 437 6600


Mynämäki is a municipality with a heritage in terms of prehistory, history, and culture. Mynämäki offers visitors many attractions and various opportunities for walking, cycling and trekking in diverse nature. The Mietoistenlahti bird sanctuary is a nature reserve of national significance and a Natura 2000 area. The two rivers, Mynäjoki and Laajoki, provide beautiful landscapes and an opportunity for swimming and even canoeing. The Kuhankuono outdoor recreation area is also nearby, offering well-kept tracks and a beautiful nature for visitors to enjoy.

There are two beautiful stone churches in Mynämäki, the Church of St Laurentius in the centre, from the 15th century, and the Mietoinen Church, from the 17th century. The various local history museums provide an intriguing picture of how people used to live in the Mynämäki area, starting from the prehistorical time.

Iron in Mynämäki
In Mynämäki we have had a long tradition with forging. The Southwest Finland Institute for Art, Craft and Design
has trained blacksmiths for decades. Since 2010 the Institute became a part of Raseko (Raisio Regional Education and Training Consortium)
and since  autumn 2016 most of the training is given on the campus in Raisio and there are only some courses in Mynämäki.
Student are still working in the old forge.
There are many metal companies and forges/blacksmiths in Mynämäki.
The Ring
Mynämäki has been the member of The Ring since its founding in 2001.

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