Kolbermoor (Germany)

Geographical position:
Kolbermoor is located in the southern part of Germany, in Bavaria, roundabout 50km south-east from Munich.

Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bundesland Bayern, Regierungsbezirk Oberbayern, Landkreis Rosenheim

Size: 19,84 km²

Number of inhabitants: 19.000

Altitude: 642 m


Stadt Kolbermoor
Rathausplatz 1
83059 Kolbermoor

Tel: +49 8031 2968 115
E-mail: info@kolbermoor.de

Iron in Kolbermoor

Since 1996 the town on the Mangfall River has been hosting the international biennial of blacksmiths, Germany’s largest blacksmith convention that almost always draws participants from more than 20 nations.
The town was not founded until 1863. That is also why its “forging traditions” is not very long.
The development of the city was marked by the operation of a large cotton spinning mill. Blacksmiths making tools and articles of daily use had their operations here.
And even today it is important for the city to promote the forging craft.
This is why the city does not only support the international forging meeting every two years, but also attaches importance to the fact that the blacksmith’s craft remains visible and tangible in everyday life.

Not only sculptures and artworks of our blacksmiths such as the Bridge-o-Friendship or the Ring-Sculpture are therefore placed in Kolbermoor, railings, signs, and bicycle stands, you can see the connection with the blacksmith trade.
Particularly worth mentioning is the project „Abfallkörbe“. In workshops, the both masters Michi Ertlmeier and Hans Reif working together with unemployed young people, migrants or other disadvantaged people and design and forge waste baskets. Over 50 copies of these small works of art can be seen already in the streets and squares of our city.
In addition, it is important to maintain the international friendships arising from the said meeting and promote the exchange of culture and traditions for Kolbermoor.


The immense power of the water of the Mangfall was the reason for construction of a cotton mill, which in 1862 was opened. With it Kolbermoor was founded and grown up to 19.000 inhabitants nowadays.
In the last quarter of the 20th century the decline of the large industrial sites began. The city has seen a radical change in a very short time. Now this change is completed and successful: instead of fewer industries a wide mix of small and medium-sized enterprises. With the monumental ensemble of old spinning mill and historic workers settlement, Kolbermoor has two lighthouses with supra-regional appeal.

And also of new buildings the city attaches importance to good architecture in distinct, unmistakable design language accompanied overlooking usefulness of space and on living and working structures in the buildings. The new City Hall (Behnisch architects, 2012) and the Youth-club (2014), all are current evidence for this line of city planning.

Munich, Salzburg and Innsbruck in an hour or less accessible. With Chiemsee Lake and Alps: Kolbermoor is surrounded by a region, in which others come to make holidays.
Cultural highlight every two years: the BIENNIALE of the Blacksmith, at these four days thousands of visitors come to look at the blacksmiths at work.

The Ring

Kolbermoor belongs to the founding members of the association in 2001.
In 2009 the annual conference took place in Kolbermoor and since 2015 a sculpture, designed and forged by Micheal Ertlmeier testifies the membership in Ring of the European Cities of Iron Works.


Additional Presentation at General Assembly 2018 in Stolberg.

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