Øvre Eiker (Norway)

Geographical position:
Øvre Eiker is located in the southern part of Norway, 60 km south-west from Oslo

Buskerud County, Norway

Size: 456,69 km²

Number of inhabitants: 18.500

Altitude: 132 m


Øvre Eiker Kommune
Stasjonsgata 24
3300 Hokksund
+47 32 25 10 00


Iron in Øvre Eiker

The municipality of Øvre Eiker has a long tradition with cultural work. From early times, fertile soil and forest were sources for livelihood. Sawmills, and later the paper industry provided good for export to Europe. The discovery of the largest gold treasure in the Nordic region, dating apprx to year 850 AD, indicates early relations with other countries. Norways first glass production also found place in Øvre Eiker when Nøstetangen glassworks was established in 1793. The glass productions is still operating today.

The pine forests, iron was extracted from ore and marsh before 500 AD. The malleable iron was used to produce tools and weapons. Soldiers of the Germanic and Roman armies might have carried weapons forged here in addition to collecting raw iron for later forging where they headed.

In the 15th century, ore was extracted from mines and several ironworks were established. One of these was Hassel Jernverk in Øvre Eiker (1649). Although the king desired canons, the ironworks at Hassel mainly produced cast iron ovens. Skilled workers from Germany, France and Belgium helped build the ironworks. The blacksmiths produced bar iron, anvils etc.

By the beginning of the 16th century, Hassel-ovens were a well known export article from Norway. The ironworks was closed in 1870. Ironworks also found place in smaller farming smiths to produce and repair necessary tools. These no longer exist.


Cultural life in Øvre Eiker is characterized by diversity, tradition and innovation. The municipality has developed a vibrant collaboration between public authorities, businesses, NGO’s and cultural professionals. Museums, galleries, churches, historic sites and natural areas are key cultural areas.

There is plenty to experience here – from heritage sites of national importance to world-class contemporary art. We invite everyone to take a cultural journey, where the ancient end the modern meet.


The Ring

The municipality of Øvre Eiker has been a proud member of the Ring since 2011.


Additional Presentation at General Assembly 2018 in Stolberg.

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